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Everything to Know about LA Weave Hair Extensions 

Want to know more about LA Weave Hair Extensions? Continue reading this blog to explore everything you need to know about LA Weave Hair Extensions and the best Hair Dresser in Gold Coast !! 

What are Weft Hair Extensions? 

Weft hair extensions are a long-awaited solution for every individual who had big hair aesthetic goals but didn’t have the desired hair type, colour or volume to style them.

 The Weft Hair Extensions are made either from real hair or synthetically crafted hair. These hairs are then sewn into horizontal strips that are attached to the scalp of the respective users with the help of a bead. The beads help to secure or grip the horizontal hair strips also called wefts. 

The Weave Hair Extensions has a popular notion in the aesthetic industry, for the incredible benefits it has to offer!! It doesn’t cause tangling, damage or breakage of the real hairs. It also takes little time to fit and blend with the original hairs of the respective person. 

What is LA Weave Hair Extension? 

The LA weave is one of the most popular and preferred forms of weave hair extensions. It is an application method of fixing a hair weft or weaves to hair with the intention to add volume, thickness, length and texture to the original hair. 

The reason why LA weave hair extensions are the most preferred form of extension is safety. This method doesn’t require additional heat application, braiding or glue to secure its position in the hair. 

This makes them last up to 6-8 weeks after it is set to the hair while giving a super natural look. 

How to attach the LA Weave Hair Extension? 

The LA Weave Hair Extensions majorly uses micro beads, needles, hair wefts and a thread to apply. 

Mentioned below is an enumeration of how to the LA Weave hair extension. 

Step 1 – Micro Rings are applied on specific sections of the hair to create a base or foundation for the hair to be attached to. 

Step 2 – The next step involves placing the weft firmly on top of the rigs with the help of sectioning clips to avoid potential slippage. 

Step 3 – The Weft is then sewn to the hair by stitching the thread with the rings and the wefts with the help of a specially curved hair extension needle. This process secures the wefts and enables them to grip tightly with the hairs. 

The method used in the LA Weave hair extensions does not just secure the hair well but also doesn’t create external pressure on the hair to create potential damage. This is why, it is often considered one of the kindest forms of Weave Hair extensions. 

Perks and Drawbacks

Perks of LA Weave Hair Extensions – 

The LA Weave hair extensions are the quickest and easiest method to accomplish your dream hair aesthetic goals. They are a good choice for both commercial as well as personal purposes. 

LA Weave Hair extensions are the best option to make big changes in the hair aesthetic. For example, someone with hair till the length of their neck wants to experience the beauty of having long hair. This can easily be achieved with the painless and safe option for getting weaves -the LA Weave Hair Extension. 

Suitable for Thick Hairs – People with thick hair often find it difficult to adjust to the wefts. However, the LA Weave Hair extensions tend to be heavier and thicker allowing thick hairs to adjust seamlessly. 

Simple to adjust – Unlike the other forms of hair wefts this method uses zero heat, glue or braiding. The simple adjustment process makes them kind to the hairs. 

The LA Weave hair extensions are also more cost-effective than any other hair extension process. Due to the fast application time, the best hairdressers can work on a lot of people. This makes the LA Weave a more economical choice and allows the hairdressers to charge less than the other time-consuming methods of weave extensions. 

Cons of LA Hair Extensions 

The LA Weave Hair Extensions are not the best option for people with extremely thin hair. 

Can LA Weave Hair Extensions damage hair? 

The LA Weave Hair Extensions hardly cause damage to the hair. However, there are certain safety standards that every hairdresser must follow before suggesting them to an individual. 

One must consider the following things before choosing LA Weaves Hair Extensions – 

The LA Weave hair extensions are more voluminous and thick. Thus, it is better to not choose the LA Weave hair extension for people with extremely less hair volume. 

They must be applied by a professional and qualified hairdresser. 

Consider using micro rings or nano rings hair extensions if you wish to tie your hair up. 

The LA Weave hair extensions need regular maintenance by a trusted hairdresser every 6 -8 weeks. The process includes removing the wefts from the hair and refitting them into the hair. 

The LA Weave hair extension has a shelf life of 6-8 months. It is recommended not to use them after the given time, especially if your hair extension is synthetically crafted. 

Avoiding regular maintenance of the hair extensions may mattify and damage the extensions and cause you to replace the hair extensions pretty often. 

Fully dry your hair after washing your weave fitted hair to prevent bacteria accumulation on the scalp. 

How often the weave fitted hair be washed? 

It is recommended to wash your hair up to twice a week if you have got them fitted with LA Weave Hair Extensions. 

Washing the hair too often may cause early damage to the weave and fade its gloss. This also may enhance its risk of slipping from the hair. 

Limited the number of hair washes will help prolong the quality of the Weave drastically. 

LA Weave Hair Extension – Styling Tips 

The LA Weave Hair extensions are mostly made from real human hairs and are thus, safe for styling. We at Kayisi African Hair Boutique rely only on human hair to offer our clients the best LA Weave hair extensions. 

Since they are made from 100% natural hair, they can always be either straightened or curled with zero inconveniences. However, using heat protection is crucial to prevent further damage from high temperatures of heat. 

Can the LA Weave Hair Extensions be removed without the help of a professional? 

Removing any hair extension without professional help may cause potential damage to the hair. Thus, this is not recommended to try removing the hair wefts by yourself at home. 

It is safe to wash, brush or treat them at home but when it comes to regular maintenance and fitting, replacing or removing the LA weave hair extensions then it is important to take professional help. 

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