Bridal BRAIDS in Brisbane

Braids and Brides– Things You Need to Know Before Getting Bridal Braids

Obsessed with Braids? Well, why not! They can make people with any type of hair look like an entire dream sequence. That is probably the reason why bridal braids in the Gold Coast have grown so much in demand among the present generation of brides. Braids are an all-time classic hairstyle that has only recently seen great heights in fashion, with the creative aid of several stylists coming up with experimental techniques to make the bride the bell of the ball.

The wedding industry is witnessing a surge of different braided variations as stylists are combining modern techniques with the traditional approach, producing bridal hair designs that are breathtaking. It can be said that anyone missing the chance to try out braids on their wedding day is likely to fall prey to envy.

Let’s dive briefly dive into how this fantastic fashion statement is making an impact and how you can take advantage of it on your special day! 

Why are Braids so Popular at Weddings?

Bridal hair has always been a staple for hair stylists and most stylists find few hairstyles as versatile as BRAIDS! They have done textured braids, braids that are half relaxed from the top as well as those messy show-stopping plaits – every bride has a uniquely blended style and length braid waiting for them.

After undergoing its renaissance phase for the last several years and the recent surge of social media

posts, the braid is now a confirmed favourite among modern brides. The majority of hair stylists can say that braided hair like fishtails, box braids, French Plaits, Twists Knotted Braids or Dutch Braids, and even intricate Hair Vines will never go out of fashion in the future of weddings.

At present, the direction of the trend has been pointed in the direction of romantic and effortless-looking luxurious braided hair, matched with a hint of sophistication and elegance. Braid stylists are now attempting to transform the classic into slightly more modern adaptations.

For instance, twisted braided hair is now taking a more textured and tussled approach, enhancing that popular balayage technique. This type of experimentation is becoming more essential as every bride on their wedding day aspires to be unique and gorgeous. Let’s get into the aspects a new bride needs to consider before getting their hair braided on their special day.

Aspects to Consider Before Getting Braids

Braids are all about variety, but with more options it is easy to get confused. Rather than take the time to consider your options carefully, here are a few tips to help how.

Know What Is Possible and What Is Complicated

Wanting braids is the first step up the ladder, but there is still a long way to go. A bridal candidate needs to know which type of braids are best suited to them. Marley Twists, Box Braids, Cornrows there are simply too many options.

It is crucial to zero in on the perfect style which will serve as the reference when buying textures or synthetic hair and while consulting with the stylist. An expert stylist can recommend which type of braids, length, size, and texture would suit the client well. If the braids are thicker or longer than they were supposed to be, it can lead to damage to the hairline due to too much tension and weight.

Set a Specific Day 

As a new bride, it is important to be patient. Like any good work of art Bridal Braids in Brisbane takes time thus a fair chunk of the day needs to be set aside for the braiding process. It can take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours to work on short or medium hair braids, or 6 to 10 hours for long hair braids. The time taken to finish the braiding also depends on other factors like the quality of hair.

Start Prepping in Advance 

Like all great athletes vested in preparation for the big day, a bride is no different. If her braider insists on buying the hair, it is best to keep 4 to 6 bags of braiding hair, which can vary depending on the size and length of the bride’s hair. Before the braiding day, the bride must ensure that her hair is in the best possible condition before the day of the wedding. The routine should wash the hair, condition, and deep condition using the appropriate conditioner. The goal is to make sure the hair is properly cleaned and nourished.

Stretch the Braids

In addition to detangling the hair regularly, the bride would also need to stretch out any curls to ensure the hair is smooth and frizz before braid installation. Brides who don’t have a problem with applying heat to their hair can use a blow dryer to dry their hair in sections while stretching the curls with a paddle brush. Those who prefer to avoid heat can choose to moisturize their hair and then do a simple light braid. They could also try dividing the hair into buns post a wash and allow it to completely dry off after.

Protected not Neglected

One of the primary benefits of braiding your hair is that it can be a fantastic means of keeping the hair protected and avoiding having to style it every day. However, it is still crucial to keep the natural hair well moisturized and lubricated as synthetic braids can have a dehydrating effect on it. A simple approach would be to use a natural water-based hydrating spray on the ends of the roots, as well as a light oil afterwards.

How to Find the Right Stylist for Your Braids 

With all that in mind, it is finally time to find the right stylist to start getting ready for that special day. Braiding is a long and elaborate process and the right stylist can help make it a lot easier.

Here are tips to help to find the right stylist for Bridal Braids:

Stalk the Stylist you’re Interested in 

Just like how we stalk our potential lovers before going on a date, getting braids is no different. For the next couple of days, the wedding braider and the bride are going to be spending a lot of time together. Social Media is the best tool to get some background research done on the braider the bride will be working with. Websites like Yelp and Instagram are specifically recommended for hair styling experts.  

Figure out What you Want 

As already mentioned in the aspects you need to consider, a bride can go for both synthetic braids or natural but they must figure that out before the braiding appointment. If synthetic is the way to go then best to inform the hair stylist that the client will be carrying their hair. It can be more helpful to do some research on braid-styling hair before buying. Professional stylists have stated that there are pros and cons to both types of hair, just that synthetic hair is cheap while natural hair lasts longer.

Don’t Relax Your Hair Right Before Braiding 

Braids are ideal as a protective style to natural hair but Hair experts advise against relaxing the hair right before getting braids done. This would lead to stressing the pH balance, causing the weight of the braids to pull and cause breakage at the root. It is recommended to wait at least eight weeks before the braids so that there is some inch of new growth.

Too Much Tightness is a Big No-No

Even though braids are great for countering the daily wear and tear of hair, too much tightness can cause some immense breakage. Hence, if the braids start to tug at something important, it is important to let the hairdresser know. Installing braids should not be painful for the scalp.

Maintain the Hair Care Routine 

It is a severe misconception that the hair no longer requires any daily maintenance after installing braids. The scalp still needs to be regularly cleaned and moisturized. Otherwise, the braids will end up in read locks, causing significant breakage.


A bride getting Bridal BRAIDS in Brisbane would inevitably look radiant and beautiful no matter the length or style of their hair. There is always something in braids that makes them appear enigmatic. If you are thinking of getting braids, make sure to start a healthy hair care routine.

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